Silence of The Slams EP 2012

by Tintagel

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Silence of the Slams EP 2012


released January 4, 2013

Owen - Guitar/Vox
Mark - Drums/Production
Steve The Baptist - Guitars/baps
Carl - Bass/Vox

recorded by Ben Corkhil at Eiger Studios



all rights reserved


Tintagel Leeds, UK

Leeds based xblackened-slam-fuzz-beatgrind-corecorex. Horrendous music played by horrendous human beings

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Track Name: Krokodil
Rotten from the inside out!


Living human tissue, disolving off the bone
the walking dead dissolving in their concrete tombs
the phosphorescent glow as we're cooking up this shit
searching for oblivion through hypodermic bliss

choking on the fumes of the hell that we've created
picking at the greying chunks of flesh that's separated
our skin has turned to silver, we feeling no fucking pain
no matter what we fucking take the hunger still remains

wading through coagulant and bile that's been spilled
can't feel the pain of being mentally ill
undead an hunting for my next source of sustenance
separate her ribcage and gorge on her cunt

rotten from the inside out!

Wading through a sea of infected needles
pulling at the chunks of our rotten flesh
gorging on the corpses of our fallen brothers
lick at their veins for a high that's fresh
Track Name: Abstract Dissection
Smashing heads into the concrete
finding ways to make my soul complete
pounding, smashing, sounds of skulls cracking
how much longer till the bitch stops faking?

I'll tear that tea cosy off your head
and tape your entrails to the foot of my bed
grind for passion not fashion, to steal a phrase
dissecting her flesh to immortalise the gaze

carved apart

grinding away at the flesh of her body
tearing at the entrails
satisfy self with septic sodomy,
the butcher never fails
i am the bringer of this mortification
endless seeker of ass-to-mouth satisfaction
pursuer of fucked-up masturbation
i've bodies to butcher and filth to purvey
Track Name: Cuntspiracy
Do not disturb, already disturbed
if you ask me, i prefer to fuck the interred
they never complain and they're easy to lay
and as a bonus they're wet from decay

man i can't believe how much she got inside my fucking head
so to get my fix i press my face against the bleeding bed
i start to think that all the blood might give away what happened here
it's a small price i have paid for a headspace that's finally clear

This is for all the girls that get straight inside your fucking head,
smile, and fuck you till you believe every word they've fucking said
make you believe you've got some kind of worth
they'll all end up the same, a disturbed patch of earth

"It's not you, it's me" she said
now i'm sticking my cock in that hole in her head
it's not you it's me who's carrying the gun
as i shovel both barrels down the back of her tongue

Gunshot residue separates flesh
blow my load in the hole that's left
"it's not you, it's me" she said
i've replaced her lies with shotgun lead

I'm psychotic, deranged and i'm fucked in the head
with the corpses of hookers i've tied to my bed
slicing and dicing and all just to maim
chopping and hacking to practice my aim
Track Name: Ensmashment

Ripping the flesh, her blood spills all over me


Silencer to silence her
filthy tip fucks every curve
i've got another hole to drill
9mm skull-fuck thrill

It's like smashing your face with a ten tonne hammer
blow my load at the screams of pain
lead shot dissects with a hateful splatter,
eye-sockets gush like a severed vein

it doesn't really matter, her brains are gonna splatter
she loves it, she wants it, she's staring down the barrel

Ripping the flesh, her blood spills all over me


silencer to silence her
filthy tip fucks every curve
i've got another hole to bore
loves that shit the filthy whore

Fill the mags with hollow-points
press the muzzle to her joints
filthy slut is on her knees
exit wound was made to please

Blow my load inside her mind