Tintagel - Schindler's Fist [FULL ALBUM] (2014)

by Tintagel

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released April 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Tintagel Leeds, UK

Leeds based xblackened-slam-fuzz-beatgrind-corecorex. Horrendous music played by horrendous human beings

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Track Name: Bukkake Badger Scrap
Imprisoned by faces of
masturbating corpses
Shackled to the floor
and praying for the end
Slicing at the enemy
as semen clots around me
Surviving on the entrails
and the flesh which I distend

Cementing me
Through bukkake

Licking at my wounded flesh
And clawing at the pit
Blinded and electrocuted,
Wallowing in shit
The masks upon the puppet masters
Show no hesitation
Revelling in cruelty
And violent masturbation

Track Name: Gangrenous Bulimic Eruption
Lured into darkness, promised lust
Sadomasochistic slut
Young and drunk and over-powered
Begin to cut her
Severed neck will stop her moaning
Exsanguinated screams of death
Her killer stands amidst the chaos
Getting herself off

Standing with a fist up herself
She begins to hack the corpse
Chewing on the lifeless body
Gnawing on her perfect pussy

Kill Her. Eat Her. Fuck what’s left

Staring at the broken mirror
Transfixed gaze filled with disgust
She buries herself
In a decimated ribcage
Gorging till she’s
Fit mother fucking burst
Kill her. Eat her. Fuck what’s left

Throwing up her rotten body
Try to savour what is left
Got to try to keep her figure
Lure fresh meat into the chamber
Puking up the fattening tissue
All she cares is how she looks
Vomitus eruptions
Mixed with part-digested flesh!

Sickening predator
Scraping bitches off her bed
Track Name: Compelled To Grind
Mindless fucking insects, tethered to destruction
Apathetic prisoners slaving for promotion
Faces pressed against the wheel which grinds away the flesh
Grinding down the bone until there’s nothing fucking left
Coagulated blood seeping from their fetid wounds
Encrusting round their feet, the shackles of the tomb

Liquefied remains
Shovelled off the floor
Grind them to a pulp
Feed them to the poor
Bathe their wounds in acid
Slice them from the skin
Grease the gears of the machine
With stifled cries of suffering

Shoot them in the fucking head!

Don’t waste your fucking hatred
Upon your fucking self
Dispense some fresh destruction
To corporate greed and wealth
What the fuck you waiting for?
Go buy some gasoline
Torch everything you fucking hate
And burn this fucking planet
Burn this planet clean!
Track Name: Human Centipaedo
crouching in the bushes
behind your local school
peering through the window
at your kids leaving the pool

perversions of a twisted mind
splicing souls for an experiment
stitching faces into arseholes
endless chain of human excrement

screaming faces trapped in darkness
seal up all the cracks with tape
prepubescent rotting corpses
feed the others as they gape

redigesting excrement!

slaves to suffering

bleeding rectum
faces leaking septic puss
silently screaming
weeping eyes they pray for death
coprometic redigestion
educate through septic torture
innocence plagued with suffering
it could be worse you could be last
Track Name: Ensmashment

Ripping her flesh, the blood spills all over me

Silencer to silence her
Filthy tip fucks every curve
I’ve got another hole to bore
Loves that shit, the filthy whore

It’s! Like!
Smashing your face with my flaccid ham hammer
Blow my load at the screams of pain
Lead shot dissects with a hateful splatter
Eye sockets gush like a severed vein
Gunshot residue separates flesh
Blow my load in the hole that’s left
“It’s not you, it’s me” she said
I’ve replaced her lies with shotgun lead

I’ll break her, violate her
And fuck her open wounds
She loves it, she wants it
Staring down the barrel

Ripping her flesh, the blood spills all over me

Silencer to silence her
Filthy tip fucks every curve
I’ve got another hole to drill
9mm skull-fuck thrill


Fill the mags with hollow points
Press the muzzle to her joints
Filthy bitch is on her knees
Exit wound was made to please

Blow my load inside her mind
Track Name: Mouth Shagged By Tramps
Trapped up in an alley way
her hands behind her back
encircled by the wretched
and the addicts of the smack
she backs into a corner
and she tries to scream for help
they're closing in around her
and unbuckling their belts


holding up a hypodermic
to her quivering neck
drooling at the pretty throat
which they're about to wreck
the smell filling her nostrils
makes her want to fucking wretch
coupled with herpetic legions
and the stench of death



fuck her throat

Make up running down her face
the blood pours from her nose
another chunk of fetid semen
clogging in her bruising throat

Choke, Choke
Down your throat
Down your throat
until you choke

Choke, Choke
Down your throat
filled with lies
until you croak
Track Name: La Vida Mala (FT Mike From Sentenced)
La Vida Mala (The bad life)

Drive by hatred, propelled by disgust
abject in apathy, fuelled by blood lust
nunca suplicandose por la tierra (never supplicate yourself in the dust)
gritando con odio, cubierto en sangre! (screaming with hatred, covered in blood)

clawing at their blank expressions
tearing at their skin
smashing at their bruising flesh
that's dying from within
break them up against the wall
their skulls they turn to pulp
ashes born from ashes
sewage born from mulch

turning inward, channelling ferocity
attempt to slake the hatred
building up inside of me
faceless corpses shuffle
towards their empty graves
unleash the fury! Unleash the rage!

working for the slack wage
turning of the unholy page
feeling like trapped slaves
an unfair road has been paved
no one else is to be saved
now these bastards will feel my pain
sharpen up my blade
heads removed, skin sliced off
revenge with each incision
unholy entities have risen

slaving through existence at a job which you despise
entombed for all eternity in sycophantic lies
shackled to your desk, you stare into oblivion
place the shotgun to your head, vacating putrid carrion
Track Name: AIDS Related Fifty Car Pile Up
Infused with human hatred
disgust at the avarice of man
bio-engineered sexual holocaust
fresh levels of coital suffering
coital suffering!

poison flesh through anal contact
vaginal fluid extermination
bio-cybernetic breakdown
ejaculation activation
catastrophic organ failure
blood melts through the skin
your eyes begin to liquefy
on contact with the windscreen

cellular extermination
semination activation
liquefaction putrefaction
absolution through extinction

AIDS related fifty car pile up
bleeding corpses, broken arseholes,
bodies rotting outside Tescos
anal extermination
Track Name: Fisted Into Oblivion
Spike her drink with acid
tape her to the bed
rip open her panties
place a Glock up to her head
she smiles right through her ball gag
man what a filthy cunt
she'll choke upon my weapon
and i'll fist her up the arse

soaking through her panties
she's dripping on my floor
leaks diseased secretions
like a fetid dying whore

the smell of gaping sphincter
it makes me want to wretch
this body i will torture
and this arsehole i will stretch
smashing at her bleeding rectum
i begin to lose control
blinding her with semen
punching at her hole

break into the stomach, the smell,
the stench intensifies
embalmed in rotten effluent blood,
she starts attracting flies