Hide The Children EP 2013

by Tintagel

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Hide The Children EP 2013


released October 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Tintagel Leeds, UK

Leeds based xblackened-slam-fuzz-beatgrind-corecorex. Horrendous music played by horrendous human beings

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Track Name: Iconclasm of Sickness
Chiseling the sperm off my Macaulay Culkin mask
far beyond the law, in my amusement park i bask
Bathe myself in the tears of innocence
wealthy little children and a wealthier defence
touching little kiddies, never getting caught
the defening roar of the silence that i've bought!

Behold the king, upon his goldern throne
enticing the young into a pervert's home
conducting the screams as though they're lullabies!

Hiding behind a false reality
protected, defended by the cult of his celebrity
he fucks little boys, he's sick and depraved
and buries their corpses in shallow fucking graves

wallow in opulence, bribe away guilt
nervously sweating until the face melts
a plastic expression masking the sickness!


Hide the corpses of the children
liquefy what can't be burnt
dissolve all the evidence
pay and settle out of court

Hide the Children!
Track Name: Rape Kill Destroy
When this is over, i will dance on her rotten corpse

Infectious human waste, cancerous cyst of the flesh
taken in by her lies, and force-fed my own destruction
once white flesh turns green to black, her face it fills with fear
choices cuts of flesh upon my body i will smear

Rape. Kill. Destroy
Desecrate. Annihilate. Remorseless in hate!

I'll grind this bitch into fertiliser,
carve her to pieces, rape and defile her
decapitate her festering body
shit down her lying throat and skull-fuck her

Rape. Kill. Destroy
Desecrate. Annihilate. Remorseless in hate!

Chopping human mulch with a machete
inflict more pain on this human slurry
desecration, annihilation,
obsessive-compulsive slut destruction

violate her corpse
Track Name: Anal Atomic Blast
Cold fussion of Plutonium isotopes in a Vindaloo Sauce,
coated, in chilli garlic naan
colon impacted with radioactive weaponry
break the armistice across the toilet bowl

cold war this ain't
the smell of burning arsehole make me want to faint

ionised chilli particles, tear through the planet's core
tearing us inside-out like a Japanese whore
pebble-dash and exterminate this cancerous human race
seeking our salvation in toilet roll frozen in space

intestines fired from the inside-out
not ever larger reactor rods can save us now

Now i am become death
The destroyer of toilet bowls
Track Name: Gaffa Tape Effigy
Tape that bitch to the cross!

The strench of death fills the air like toxic effluence
the thunder of the crowd as they cheer her suffering
screaming as her sins are purified by flame
she will haunt your dreams

Debt repaid in pain

condemned by her peers for her crimes against humanity
false prosecution, labelled with heresy
ritualistic orgies, cannibalistic fucking
in the end she will be raped into submission

feed on her flesh until only blood remains,
bathe in the blood of the heathen bitch
virgin gown soaked in blood and semen stains
all that remains in an unmarked ditch

Tape that bitch to the fucking cross
latex hands will grab her throat
blasphemous worshiper of heathen gods
ensnaring souls in a cunt of thorns

Tape that bitch to the fucking cross!